About Us

Bank History

Liberty Trust & Savings Bank has been serving the Tri-County area of Cedar, Scott and Muscatine counties for more than 100 years. We have a long history of dedicated service to our customers in Durant, Bennett, New Liberty, Tipton and the surrounding area.

On December 19th, 1904, the charter to operate a bank in New Liberty was issued under the name German Savings Bank and the bank officially opened its doors for business in February 1905. The name of the bank was changed to Liberty Trust & Savings Bank after World War I. In 1935 the charter was transferred from New Liberty to Durant. Although the charter was transferred to Durant, the New Liberty area continues to be an important part of the bank's trade area.

In 1991, Liberty Bancorporation, the parent company of Liberty Trust & Savings Bank, acquired Bennett State Bank, in Bennett. In 1994 Bennett State Bank purchased an office in Tipton. Bennett State Bank operated as a separate bank until 2002, when the two banks were merged under the name Liberty Trust & Savings Bank. With the merger, Liberty Trust now has four locations from which to serve its customers.

Over the years Liberty Trust & Savings Bank has kept pace with new services and technologies provided to our customers. Most recently the bank has updated its core processing system, begun to clear checks electronically and offered online banking. We take pride in keeping up with the latest in banking products and services in our continuing efforts to provide the best possible service to our many loyal customers.

Throughout our long history, Liberty Trust & Savings Bank can attribute its success to a strong customer base, dedicated employees and loyal shareholders. Although much has changed since the bank began back in 1904, Liberty Trust & Savings Bank continues to remain a locally owned and managed bank and looks forward to continuing to serve our customers with the same friendly service they have come to expect.